Renaissance Artists Re-birth

You can not solve a problem with the same mind that created it. -Einstein I wish to work miracles. The knowledge of all things is possible. -Leonardo Da Vinci   The word Renaissance comes from a combination of the French verb renaitre, meaning, to revive and the noun Renaissance, meaning […]

Learning the Correct CV Format

As we have said before, the job market right now is super tight, which makes knowing the correct CV format even more important.  What was once competitive is quickly becoming cutthroat, especially as the price of living continues to increase and the economy continues to become even worse.  Those of […]

Staying Positive When The Job Search Is Going Poorly

The economy may be getting better for some, but the unemployment rate is still at 9.9% nationwide.  A few industries may be adding jobs, but many others are still shredding them.  The process of finding a new position can be extremely frustrating and depressing.  Spending countless hours applying for jobs […]

10 tricks to be happier !

If happiness is partly determined by genetics, health and other factors relatively independent of us, we can still improve it in some ways, through our own motivation, playing and practicing what will improve our well-being, both daily and over the long term.   At the annual meeting of the American […]

The discipline of a great student

The discipline of a great student

Today I want to talk about a simple habit to cultivate, which will ease your endeavours to dominate your studies. What you need to do is create the habit of attending EVERY, SINGLE, CLASS that you have scheduled. Do whatever it takes to get to class and start learning. Now […]