The economy may be getting better for some, but the unemployment rate is still at 9.9% nationwide.  A few industries may be adding jobs, but many others are still shredding them.  The process of finding a new position can be extremely frustrating and depressing.  Spending countless hours applying for jobs on-line only to receive no response can be downright demoralizing.  This is not an uncommon occurrence, many job-seekers are in the exact same boat you are in.  Below is a list of a few things that may give you a fresh perspective on your job search.


1)  Take some time off – Yes, I know you are unemployed, but if you have been working hard on your job search you know it can serve as your full-time job.  Take 2-3 days and spend some time doing activities that relax you.  Life can be very tough during this time, so it is important to do things that make us happy.


2)  Join a job-seeker group – These groups are popping up every day in cities across the U.S.  Speaking with individuals that are going through the same thing you are can be very comforting at times.  In addition, You can also learn some valuable new approaches to your job search by speaking with a number of job-seekers who are employing different tactics in their search.


3)  Join professional social media groups – Social media outlets such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook can provide you a place to get many of the benefits from #2.  However, you are able to network at a much faster pace and have the ability to search for companies and professionals that can be beneficial to you and your job search.


4)  Spend some time out of the house each day – You really want to try to avoid sitting in your house day after day.  You need human interaction!  Even if you just ride down the street to the grocery store or to gas station, YOU WILL FEEL BETTER!


Following these suggestions on a regular basis will make you a much happier job seeker and most likely will improve the quality of your search.