The discipline of a great student

Today I want to talk about a simple habit to cultivate, which will ease your endeavours to dominate your studies. What you need to do is create the habit of attending EVERY, SINGLE, CLASS that you have scheduled. Do whatever it takes to get to class and start learning.

Now you may think that this is quite obvious and that anyone wishing to do well at university would attend every class that they possibly could. But there is a deeper pattern being formed by forcing yourself to attend every class, even if you know it will be easy or if you think that it’s not worth your time. The value is in the habit you create by giving yourself the best possible chance at success.

It’s easy to rationalise that skipping a lecture won’t hurt your ability to dominate. Have you ever thought “I’ll get to it later”, “I’ll watch the lecture online” or “I already know what’s being covered”. These thoughts are based purely in short term thinking and will generally be tough to shake off if you have skipped a class more than once. If you catch yourself thinking along these lines, cut it off and reframe the “hard task” of attending class, as your chance to step up and take action. You won’t regret it come exam time, when you have had a steady constant build-up of knowledge over the semester rather than partaking in a 72 hour red bull infused bender which leaves you stressed out, unprepared and anxious right before your exam!

So, the most important thing that you get out of forcing yourself to attend every class is that you develop the discipline required to succeed in the long run. You create a solid routine to follow which frees up your mind from worrying about what you have to do. You can now focus on just learning. The best students I know attend as many classes as they possibly can and funnily enough, they are the students that, in the end, enjoy the GLORY.

It’s important to start attending all classes from day 1 of the semester and to keep the momentum as you progress. Once you have the habit in place and attending every single class is normal, it becomes easier to take action and it becomes easier to keep attending.

Don’t take the easy option. Go  to class and experience how learning becomes easy when you have a solid routine in place.